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2015 Zambia Press Releases
ZAMBIA - 15-17 May 2015 Zambia International Rally
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Zambia International Rally - 17th May 2015 14h30
Jaspreet Singh Chatthe and Craig Thorley win Zambia ARC ahead of Jassy Singh and Sajid Khan

With only the road section back to Lusaka left to drive Kenyan Jaspreet Singh Chatthe navigated by UK Champion navigator Craig Thorley have won the ARC Zambia International Rally driving their Mitsubishi Evo10 rally car.

Having taken the lead in SS3 yesterday Chatthe never looked back and won the evnt by 4 minute 14 second margin from Zambian Jassy Singh and Sajid Khan in a Subaru Impreza N16.

Third overall was also Zambian Mohamed Essa and Zim codriver Gareth Dawe who had a good battle with Jassy Singh throughout today's stages inspite of a penalty incurred in service this morning.

Provisional Results are:

1. Jaspreet Chatthe /Craig Thorley  (Kenya) Mitsubishi Evo10   2:40:13
2. Jassy Singh / Sajid Khan  (Kenya)  Subaru Impreza N16    2:44:27
3. Mohamed Essa / Gareth Dawe   (Zambia/Kenya)  Subaru Impreza N16   2:43:46
4. Muna Singh Jnr / Adrian Sutherland (Zambia)  Subaru Impreza N10   2:47:53
5. Miles Monge / Crawford Mwinga (Zambia)  Subaru Impreza N12    2:51:42
6. Jurgen Sauter / Rudi Sauter  (Zambia)  Subaru Impreza N5   2:51:42
more results to follow.......

Zambia International Rally - 15/17th May 2015
Friday 15th May - 17h30
Results after Super Special Stage 2.62 km in the parking of Heros Stadium Lusaka. There were 26 starter to the rally.
1. Jassy Singh /Sajid Khan Subaru Impreza N16 - 2:54 (ARC)
2. Jaspreet Chatthe / Craig Thorley Mitsubishi Evo10 - 2:55 (ARC)
2=Mohamed Essa / Gareth Dawe Subaru Impreza N16 - 2:55
4. Miles Monge / Crawford Mwinga Subaru Impreza N12 - 3:02
4=Farook Ticklay / Jasmeen Singh Subaru Impreza N10 - 3:02
6. Muna Singh Jnr / Adrian Sutherland Subaru Impreza - 3:03 (ARC)
7. Mohamed Hassan / Michello Mwinga Subaru Impreza - 3:13
8. Zubair Essa / Mwenda Chibunga Subaru Impreza - 3:17
8=Kelvin Gomes /Michael Chulu Mitsubishi Evo6 - 3:17

Overnight leaders of Zambia Rally Jassy Singh (2013 ARC Champion) and Sajid Khan in their Subaru Impreza N16 on the super special stage at Hero's Stadium in Lusaka yesterday.

ARC Registered Drivers and Co-drivers as at 30th April 2015 - Before Zambia International Rally
- ARC Registration now closed for 2016
1. Gary CHAYNES - Ivory Coast
2. Jaspreet Singh CHATTHE - Kenya
3. Hajj SSEMPEBWA -Uganda
4. Jassy SINGH - Zambia
5. Muna Junior SINGH - Zambia
6. Patrick SOLOFONIRINA - Madagascar
7. Morifere SOUMAORO - Ivory Coast

1. David ISRAEL - Ivory Coast
2. Craig THORLEY - Kenya
3. Ali KATUMBA - Uganda (Replaces Ahmed Minjo)
4. Sajid KHAN - Zambia
5. Adrian SUTHERLAND - Zambia
6. Berthin RANDIAMIHAINGO - Madagascar
7. Philippe GARCIA - Ivory Coast
8. Gurdeep PANESAR - Kenya

Jaspreet Singh Chatthe and Craig Thorley won the ARC section in the Sasol Rally South Africa pictured here at the finish podium with his team.

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