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2014 Zambia Press Releases


ZAMBIA - 16-18 May 2014  Zambia International Rally
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By Ignatius Mazeko

ZAMBIA's Mohammed Essa  and Gareth Dawe from Zimbabwe has scooped the the Airtel Money Rally Zambia by two minutes 38 seconds to slash Ivory Coast’s Gary Chaynes' FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) lead to only eight points.
Essa, who dominated the rally from start to finish to move to 50 points, secured his third successive ARC home title after bringing his Madison General Subaru Impreza N16 home in three hours three minutes.
Kenya's Jaspreet Singh Chatthe and Zambian David Sihoka grabbed second place in a Kibos Mitsubishi EvoX ahead of Ivory Coast's Gary Chaynes and Romain Comas driving an identical car which finished the rally four minutes 47 seconds slower than the winning time.
Rwanda's Giancarlo Davite, also in an EvoX, shrugged off an array of problems that included two tyre punctures in the last three stages to finish fifth overall and fourth in the ARC race.
African champion Jassy Singh's younger brother Muna Singh jr finished in a remarkable fourth place overall behind the wheels of a Subaru N10.

Airtel Money Rally Zambia provisional final results

1. Mohammed Essa / Gareth Dawe    3:03:00

2. Jaspreet Singh Chatthe / David Sihoka  3:05:38
3. Gary Chaynes / Romain Comas  3:07:47
4. Muna Singh jr 3:15:59
5. Giancarlo Davite / Sylvia Vindevogel  3:21:59
6. Azim Ticklay 3:51:07.
7. Chimanga Biyela 3:55:10
8. Kelvin Mhlanga 4:01:46
9. Farook Ticklay 4:09:02
10. Yazdaan Ticklay 4:20:30
11. Vyon Pinto 4:34:38
12. Jurgen Sauter 4:48:30

ARC Class
1. Mohammed Essa (Zambia) 3:03:00
2. Jaspreet Singh Chatthe (Kenya) 3:05:38
3. Gary Chaynes 3:07:47 (Ivory Coast) 3:07:47
4. Giancarlo Davite (Rwanda) 3:21:59

ARC Drivers standings
1. Gary Chaynes (Ivory Coast) 58 points
2. Mohammed Essa (Zambia) 50
3. Jaspreet Singh Chatthe (Kenya) 33
4. Giancarlo Davite (Rwanda) 27

ZAMBIA INTERNATIONAL RALLY – Leg 1A Report – Friday 16th May 2014
   -     By Ignatius Mazeko

ZAMBIA's Mohammed Essa this afternoon dominated the twice run Super Special Stage (1.52km x2) at Lusaka Motor Club to open up a four-second overnight lead after timing three minutes 27 seconds on day one of the Airtel Money Rally Zambia.

FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) leader Gary Chaynes of Ivory Coast took second place with Rwanda's Giancarlo Davite coming home a further eight seconds off the pace in third place.

Kenya's Jaspreet Singh Chatthe claimed fourth place while the other ARC entrant Kenneth Mukosa of Zambia could only manage joint 11th place after encountering power problems on his Subaru Impreza N8.

African champion Jassy Singh of Zambia, who is not defending his title, was the main casualty on the twisty Lusaka Motor Club circuit when his Subaru N10 hit an object, swung round then rammed a bank breaking a ball joint in the process.

The three-day rally tomorrow moves to Chisamba where crews will battle it out on eight selective stages covering a total distance of 248.21km of which 133.65km is selective and 114.56km liaison.

1. Mohammed Essa (Subaru N16) 00:03:27
2. Gary Chaynes (EvoX) 00:03:31
3. Giancarlo Davite (EvoX) 00:03:35
4. Jaspreet Singh Chatthe (EvoX) 00:03:37
5. Muna Singh jr (Subaru N10) 00:03:38
6. Farook Ticklay (Subaru N10) 00:03:39
7. Geoffrey Chulu (Subaru GC8) 00:03:42
8. Miles Monge (Subaru N12B) 00:03:43
9. Yazdaan Ticklay (Subaru GC8) 00:03:51
10.  Kelvin Mhlanga (RunX 1600) 00:03:55
11. Kenneth Mukosa (Subaru N8) 00:03:56
12. Toofail Dalal Taj (Subaru GC8) 00:03:56
13. Noel Masadza (Evo 5) 00:03:56
14. Chimanga Biyela (Evo 4) 00:03:58
15. Vyon Pinto (Subaru GC8) 00:04:02
16. Walter Wasamunu (Subaru GC8) 00:04:03
17. Azim Ticklay (Landcruiser) 00:04:12
18. Dani Beaini (Subaru N12) 00:04:26
19. Zubair Essa (Subaru GC8) 00:04:36
*20. Jurgen Sauter (VW Golf) 00:03:40 (SS1B Time Qn)
*21. Jassy Singh (Subaru N10) ball joint

Zambia International Rally
- 16th - 18th MAY 2014 Entry List:

1. Jassy Singh /Sajad Khan                             (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
2. Essa Mohammed/Gareth Dawe    ARC       (Zam/Zim-Subaru Impreza)
3. Gary Chaynes/Comas Romain      ARC       (CIV/CIV-Mitsu EVOX)
4. Jassi Chatthe/Dave Sihoka            ARC      (KEN/Zam-Mitsu EVOX)
5. Kenneth Mukosa/Nash Chisenga   ARC      (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
6. Giancarlo Davite/Sylvia Vindevogel
  ARC  (Rwa/Rwa-Mitsu EVOX)
7.Geoffrey Chulu/Laston Chulu                     (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
8. Miles Monge/Raymond Thornicroft           (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
9. Muna Singh Jnr./Adrian Sutherland           (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
10. Farook Ticklay/Liam Jolly                        (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
11. Danni Benani/Shital Naik                         (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
12.Yazdaan Ticklay/Afzal Essa                      (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
13. Toofail Dalal/Mali Chulu                          (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
14. Chimanga Biyela/Michale Chulu              (Zam/Zam-Mitsu EVO4)
15. Azim Ticklay/Osward Chibebe                 (Zam/Zam-Toyota Land Cruiser)
16. Kevin Mhlanga/Balveen Singh                 (Zam/Zam-Toyota RunX)
17. Noel Masandza/Landford Mushala          (Zam/Zam-Mitsu EVO5)
18. Zubair Essa/Mwendalubi Chibunga          (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
19. Walter Wasamunu/Dwyne Adolph           (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
20. Vyon Pinto/Crawford Mwiinga                (Zam/Zam-Subaru Impreza)
21. Jurgen Sauter/Rudi Sauter                        (Zam/Zam-VW Golf)

Updated on 24th April 2014


1. Mohamed ESSA (Zambia)
2. Abdu SEMPEBWA (Uganda)
3. Jaspreet Singh CHATTHE (Kenya)
4. Giancarlo DAVITE  (Rwanda)
5. Shafik SSEMUJU (Uganda)
6. Manvir Singh BARYAN  (Kenya)
7. Asad ANWAR (Kenya)
8. Charles MUHANGI (Uganda)
9. Gary CHAYNES (Ivory Coast) Sent to FIA
10. Morifere SOUMAORO (Ivory Coast) Sent to FIA
11. Kenneth MUSOKA (Zambia)
12. Jas MANGAT (Uganda)

1. Francis WAMALA (Uganda)
2. Sylvia VINDEVOGEL (Rwanda)
3. Hussein MUKUYE (Uganda)
4. Drew STURROCK  (England)
5. Romain COMAS (Ivory Coast) Sent to FIA
6. Philippe GARCIA (Ivory Coast) Sent to FIA
7. David SIHOKA (Zambia) - (Replaces GS Panesar)
8. Gareth DAWE (Zimbabwe)
9. Gihan DE SILVA (Uganda)
10. Nash CHISENGA (Zambia)



This year’s Zambia International Motor Rally-the third round of the FIA ARC- is similar to last year’s event although some stages have been changed.
The Rally will run in the Farms of Chisamba, North of Lusaka. The course will cover a total distance of approximately 472kms of which 238kmsis made up of Competitive sections. The Rally is scheduled to run from the 16th to 18th May 2014. Conditions are expected to be dry but cool.
All facilities for Service Park and special rates for the hotel have been negotiated for intended
participants and supporters.
Rally starts with a Super Special Stage at Lusaka Motor Club on Friday 16th May 2014 at 14.30.
On Saturday 17th May, crews moves to Chisamba which is about 50kms due North of Lusaka.
The leg then ends back at Rally Hotel HQ in Lusaka and cars will be kept there overnight. The second leg
is again in Chisamba. The event finishes back in Lusaka at the Hotel Intercontinental on Sunday 18thMay2014at 15.20


Mohamed Essa (Zambia) and Gareth Dawe (Zimbabwe) powering their Subaru Impreza N16 to victory in the ARC section of the Sasol Rally South Africa – Round 2 of the ARC which finished on Saturday 12th April 2014.






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