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 KCB SAFARI RALLY KENYA - 12-14th September 2014

Podium ceremony after the 2014 KCB Safari Rally with ARC winners Manvir Baryan and
Drew Sturrock, overall rally winners Baldev Chager and Ravi Soni and second placed Carl
Tundo and Tim Jessop.

1. Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni (EVOX) 02:47.13
2. Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop (Proton) 2:48.24
3. Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock (Subaru N16) 2:52.06
4. Quentin Mitchell/Nicholas Camara (Scoda Fabia S2000) 2:52.23
5. Azar Anwar/Julius Ngigi (EVO8) 2:57.27
6. Tejvir Rai/Zahir Shah (EVOX) 3:01.59
7. Duncan Mubiru/Musa Nsubuga (Subaru) 3:02.10
8. Jasmeet Chana/Ravi Chana (EVO9) 3:02.50
9. Karan Patel/Tauseef Khan (Subaru GC8) 3:05.29
10. Ronak Shah/Riyaz Ismail (Subaru N12B) 3:05.49
11. Steven Mwangi/Steve Nyorri (Subaru N10) 3:07.47
12. Mahesh Halai/Ketan Halai (Subaru N12) 3:08.11
13. Imran Mogul/Adnan Din (Subaru N10) 3:09.07
14. Alasdair Keith/Tariq Maliq (Subaru GC8) 3:10.07
15. Amaanraj Rai/Imran Khan (Subaru) 3:10.17
16. Raaji Bharij/Jasneil Ghataure (EVO9) 3:11.23
17. Ghalib Hajee/Bharat Pattni (EVOX) 3:12.08
18. Steve Gacheru/Absalom Aswani (Subaru N10) 3:13.57
19. Hussein Malik/George Mwangi (EVO6) 3:18.14
20. Jonathan Somen/Richard Hechle (Ford Escort MK2) 3:18.31
21. David Kioni/Mwangi Kioni (Subaru GC8) 3:20.07
22. Khalfan Athman/Abdulaziz Athaman (EVO9) 3:23.26
23. Aslam Khan/Keith Henrie (Porsche 911) 3:23.33
24. Eric Bengi/Tony Gikuhi (Toyota RunX) 3:23.33
25. Rob Hellier/Mike Huth (Datsun 160J) 3:25.55
26. Hapz Sagoo/Gurveer Pandhal (Subaru EVOX) 3:26.34
27. Don Smith/Bob Kaugi (Subaru) 3:31.09
28. Ranjeet Sehmi/ Iain Freestone (Ford Escort MK1) 3:35.08
29. Nikhil Sachania/C. Singh (Mitsubishi Challenger) 3:37.51
30. Rashid Kabi/Allan Muhindi (Subaru) 3:37.59
31. Rupesh Chouhan/Dhanraj Matharu (Land Rover Tomcat) 3:38.39
32. Mohammed Noor/Hassan Saleh (Subaru) 3:38.46
33. Chandu Chandrakant/Jonathan Kosgey (Subaru GC8) 3:43.19
34. Ramesh Vishram/Rohit Budhia (Ford Escort) 4:07.30
35. Jonathan Jessel/Linet Ayuko (Land Rover) 4.21.38


By Samson Ateka - Saturday 13th September 2014 - 20h45

Defending KNRC Champion Baldev Chager maintained his dogged campaign in search of a second straight KCB Safari Rally diadem when he led leg 1 B from start to finish.

Chager, who set the fastest times in all the three stages run on day 1, drove cautiously in the first two stages and had his day 2 campaign gifted by Tundo’s puncture in the long 53km stage at Loldaiga.

The Flying Singh was all smiles at Sportsman’s Arms in Nanyuki where cars proceeded for the overnight perc ferme .

“Yesterday was actually a good day, the stages were nice. Today, Turaco stage was very tricky and I drove a bit cautiously –so Tundo beat us on that stage. Considering that I retired at Loldaiga last time round, I had to treat this stage with lots of respect. It’s a very notorious stage so to say. It doesn’t forgive you-so we went through it really cautious,” said Chager.

Trailing Chager by a 2.38 minutes margin was Tundo whose spirited campaign was stymied by an excruciating puncture on the long Loldaiga stage.

Third overall was MRT driver Manvir Baryan who trailed the leader by a 5.01minutes margin.

Fourth overall was Quentin Mitchell whose new Scoda Fabia S2000 treated spectators to some exhilarating displays at the designated Batian View spectator stage.

Day 2 of the Safari was laden with drama, excitement and anticipation.

The early morning run was indeed a scary affair for Chager with some of the top drivers plotting to make up time for their day 1 woes.

With Ian Duncan gone, Tundo gave Chager a good chase in the early morning run after he cut Chager’s lead to 21 seconds at the 12km Turaco section where he set the quickest time. But Tundo's comeback was short-lived with his puncture gremlins.

Duncan was Day 2’s first casualty on the 12km Turaco stage where his car stalled with electrical problems.

Other notable casualties of the day were Rajbir Rai (gearbox), Issa Amwari (electrical), Farhaaz Khan, Onkar Rai with diff failure and defending two wheel drive champion Dennis Mwenda whose Toyota Sprinter GT suffered serious overheating problems.

The two wheel drive class has few survivors after Dennis Mwenda and Gurmit Thethy retired. Gurmit was out with a broken wheel hub.

Mwenda was left to rue his woes at Batian service “The safari hasn’t been very kind on me this time. We started off well on Turaco then got into Loldaiga and 1km to the finish the cars started overheating and it took us so long to get to the next stage at Turaco so we decided to retire,” said Mwenda Ronak Shah savoured 10th overall position. "We had a good run except for Loldaiga where we broke a drive shaft. We are looking forward to continuing with the same pace tomorrow," said Ronak's co-driver Riyaz Ismail.

A total of 16 cars failed to master the demanding 800km course on day 2. Out of the 53 cars which started Leg1B, only 37 survived the demanding course.


1. Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni (Mitsubishi EVOX) 1:58.17 2. Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop (Proton S2000) 2:00.55 3. Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock (Subaru Impreza) 2:03.18 4. Quentin Mitchell (Skoda Fabia S2000) 2:04.36 5. Azar Anwar/Julius Ngiugi (Mitsubishi EVO8) 2:06.17 6. Imran Mogul/Adnan Din (Subaru N10) 2:08.57 7. Tejveer Rai/Zahir Shah (EVOX) 2:10.10 8. Jasmeet Chana/Ravi Chana (EVO9) 2:10.14 9. Gary Chaynes/Romain Comas (Mitsubishi EVOX) 2:10.28 10. Ronak Shah/Riyaz Ismail (Subaru N12) 2:12.12 11. Karan Patel/ (Subaru GC8) 2:12.36 12. Amaanraj Rai/Imran Khan (EVOX) 2:13.20 13. Raaji Bharij/Jasneil Ghataure (EVO9) 2:13.23 14. Mahesh Halai (Subaru N12) 2:13.46 15. Steve Mwangi/Steven Nyorri (Subaru N10) 2:14.00 16. Alasdair Keith/Tariq Maliq (Subaru) 2:15.28 17. Ghalib Hajee (EVOX) 2:15.49 18. Duncan Mubiru (Subaru N16) 2:18.42 19. Steve Gacheru (Subaru N10) 2:18.46 20. Jonathan Somen (Ford Escort MK2) 2:21.12 21. Hussein Malik/George Mwangi (EVO6) 2: 21.30 22. David Kioni/Mwangi Waithaka (Subaru)2:22.56 23. Khalfan Athman/Abdulaziz Athman (EVOX) 2:23.29 24. Eric Bengi (Toyota RunX) 2:23.30 25. Aslam Khan (Porsche 911) 2:23.52 26. Hapz Sagoo/Gurveer Pandhal (Subaru N10) 2:26.11 27. Rob Hellier/Mike Huth (Ford Escort) 2:26.35 28. Ranjit Sehmi (Ford ) 2:30.43 29. Rashid Kabi/Alln Muhundi (Subaru) 2:30.50 30. Ramesh Vishram/Rohit Bhudia (Ford Escort) 2:33.25 31. Chouhan (Land Rover) 2:35.11 32. Don Smith (Subaru) 2:35.16 33. Nikhil Sachania (Mitsubishi Challenger) 2:35.31 34. Noor Mohammed/Hassan Saleh (Subaru) 2:35.50 35. Chandu Chandrakant/Jonathan Kosgey (Subaru gc8) 2:38.05 36. Nadeem Kana/ James mwangi(Subaru) 2:49.08 37. Jonathan Jessel/Linet Ayuko (Land Rover) 3.03.43

Update from Sylvia King - Saturday 13th September 2014 15h00
Safari retirements. Funny how they are all falling out!
Retired today Ian Duncan, Rajbir Rai, Jas Mangat, Onkar Rai, Farhez Khan, Asad Anwar,Eric Njougu,
Results after SS9
1. Baldev Chager 1:58:17
2. Carl Tundo 2:00:55
3. Manvir Baryan 2:03:18
4. Quientien Mitchell 2:04:36
5. Azar Anwar 2:06:17
6. Imran Mogul 2:08:57
7. Jasmeet Chana 2:10:14
8. Gary Chaynes 2:10:28
Raaji Bharij 2:13:23


Results end of Day 1 - Friday 12th September 2014 - 19h30
1. Baldev Chager / Ravi Soni Mitsubishi Evo10 - 29:35
2. Ian Duncan / Amaar Slatch Mitsubishi Evo9 - 30:07
3. Carl Tundo / Tim Jessop Proton Satira S2000 - 30:07
4. Raaji Bharij / Jasneil Ghataure Mitsubishi Evo9 - 30:08
5. Rajbir Rai / Tim Challen Mitsubishi Evo10 - 30:17
6. Manvir Baryan / Drew Sturrock Subaru Impreza -30:17
7. Jas Mangat / Tasha Di Cangio Mitsubishi Evo10 - 31:07
8. Onkar Rai / Des Page-Morris Mitsubishi Evo10 -31:13
9. Gary Chaynes / Roman Comas Mitsubishi Evo9 -31:25
10. Azar Anwar / Julius Ngigi Mitsubishi Evo8 -31:43
11. Jasmeet Chana / Ravi Chana Mitsubishi Evo 9 -32:16
12. Farhaaz Khan / Bhatti Mitsubishi Evo9 -32:45
13. Quentin Mitchell / -33:42

The 2014 KCB Safari Rally started this morning Friday 12th September 2014 at 10 am in Nairobi,
Kenya and the event was flagged off by HE President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya. Here seen with
the Chairman of the Kenya Motor Sport Federation flagging off the first car of last years Safari
Rally winner Baldev Chager and Ravi Soni.

Statement from Mohammed Essa

"Mohammed Essa Racing Team has pulled out of this year's Africa Rally Championship
due to financial constraints. Iwould like to greatly thank Madison General Insurance as
they have given us great support throughout the year and for the many years the support
they have given our team, without them we would have not have made it this far.

It is unfortunate that our team had to pull out of this year. We knew from the beginning that
we will have financial issues when Puma Energy pulledout of the team without any notice.
We will, however, continue in the national championship. See you all in Kitwe."

Essa, the 2012 African champion, is currently placed second on the FIA African Rally
Championship (ARC) standings with 93 points going into the final two rallies of the
season scheduled for Kenya and Madagascar.

Gary Chaynes is leading the championship after gathering 101 points from the last
eight rallies held in his country Ivory Coast, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

TOT DIST: 831.01KM
COMP DIST : 231.21KM (13 SS) (Bold means ARC 2014 registered drivers)

1. #601 Essa Mohammed- Gareth Dawe (ZAM- ZIM Subaru Impreza N16 N)
2. #602 Jas Mangat- Tash Di Cangio (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N )
3. #603 Christakis Fitidis- Eric Nzamwita (EAU- RWASubaru Impreza N12B N )
4. #604 Gary Chaynes- Romain Comas de Miranda (CIV Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
5. #605 Mubiru Duncan- Musa Nsubuga (EAU Subaru Impreza N16 N)
6. #1 Baldev Chager- Ravi Soni (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
7. #2 Ian Duncan- Amaar Slatch (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 9 N)
8. #3 Carl 'Flash' Tundo - Tim Jessop( EAK Proton Satria S2000 N)
9. #4 Azar Anwar- Julius Ngigi (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 8 N)
10. #5 Quentin Mitchell- TBA (EAK- TBA N)
11. #6 Jassi Chatthe - Dave Sihoka (EAK- ZAM Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
12. #7 Rajbir Rai - Timothy Challen (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
13. #9 Jasmeet Chana- Ravi Chana (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 9 N)
14. #10 Manvir Baryan- Drew Sturrock( EAK- UK Subaru GVB13 N)
15. #12 Issa Amwari- Job Njiru (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 9 N)
16. #15 Tejveer Rai- Zahir Shah (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
17. #16 Alasdair Keith- Tariq Malik (EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 S)
18. #17 Onkar Rai- Dez Page Morris (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
19. #18 Farhaaz Khan- Azhar Bhatti EAK Subaru Impreza N10 N)
20. #21 Mahesh Halai- Ketan Halai (EAK Subaru Impreza N12B N)
21. #23 Aslam Khan- Keith Henrie (EAK Porsche Carrera 911 Classic)
22. #24 Don Smith- Bob Kaugi (EAK Subaru Impreza N16 N)
23. #32 Stanley Thuo- TBA (EAK Subaru SPV)
24. #33 Asad Anwar- Kashif Shiekh (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
25. #35 Steve Gacheru- Gerald Maina (EAK Subaru Impreza N10 N)
26. #38 Ramesh Vishram - Rohit Bhudia (EAK Ford Escort MK11 Classic)
27. #41 Raaji Bharij - Jasneil Ghataure (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 9 N)
28. #43 Harpreet Sagoo- Gurveer Pandhal (EAK Subaru Impreza N10 N)
29. #46 Ghalib Hajee- Bharat Pattni (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
30. # 47 Ronak Shah- Riyaz Ismail (EAK Subaru Impreza N12B N)
31. #48 Imran Mogul- Adnan Din (EAK Subaru Impreza N10 N)
32. #50 Steven Mwangi- Steven Nyorri (EAK Subaru Impreza N10 N)
33. #52 Rob Hellier- Mike Huth (EAK Datsun 160J Classic )
34. #55 Rashid Kabi- Allan Muhindi (EAK Subaru Impreza N8 S)
35. #58 Khalfan Athman- Abdulaziz Athman (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 9 N)
36. #59 Rupesh Chouhan- Dhanraj Matharu (EAK Land Rover Tomcat SPV)
37. #61 Hussein Malik- George Mwangi (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 6 S)
38. #67 Jonathan Somen- Richard Hechle (EAK Ford Escort MK11 Classic)
39. #70 Eric Njogu- Tony Kimondo (EAK Subaru Impreza N8 S)
40. #77 Alastair Cavenagh- Gavin Laurence (EAK Proton Satria S2000 N)
41. #78 Maxwell Masinde- Eric Nzuva (EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 S)
42. #80 Chandrakant C.- Jonathan Kosgei (EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 S)
43. #81 David Kioni- Mwangi Kioni (EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 S)
44. #82 Taiti Wachira- Mutuma Marimba (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 6 S)
45. #83 Evans Kamau - Julius Mwanchuya (EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 S)
46. #84 Murage Wa Waigwa- Tuta Mionki (EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 S)
47. #85 Karan Patel- Tauseef Khan (EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 S)
48. #87 Nikhil Sachania - Charanjeev Singh (EAK Mitsubishi Challenger SPV)
49. #88 Mohammed Noor- Hassan Saleh (EAK Subaru Impreza N10 N)
50. #30. 91 Amaanraj Rai- Imran Khan (EAK Mitsubishi Evolution 10 N)
51. #95 Sham Wason - Samir Wason (EAK Subaru Legacy SPV)
52. #96 Moez Malik - Steven Njenga (EAK Subaru Legacy S)
53. #97 Jonathan Jessel- TBA (EAK Land Rover SPV)
54. #98 Ranjeet Sehmi - Iain Freestone (EAK Ford Escort MK1 Classic)
55. #101 Dennis Mwenda- Edward Njoroge (EAK Toyota Sprinter GT 2WD)
56. #106 Gurmit Thethy- Depinder Kalsi (EAK Volkswagen Golf MK3 2WD)
57. #108 Nadeem Kana - James Mwangi EAK Subaru Impreza GC8 2WD
58. #110 Leonardo Varese Kigondu Kareithi (EAK Toyota Corolla RSI 2WD)
59. #110 Alex Lairangi- Tony Gichohi (EAK Volkswagen Golf MK2 2WD)
60. #113 Nishal Shah- Avhit Bij (EAK Volkswagen Golf MK2 2WD)
61. #117 Eric Bengi- Tony Gikuhi (EAK Toyota RunX 2WD)
62. #119 Geoff Mayes- Jamie Mactavish (UK Toyota Levin 2WD)
All the delegates at the 2014 FIA - CACMS Motorsport conference held in Johannesburg from 28-30th August 2014. We had representatives from 20 countries around Africa and also FIA President Jean Todt with senior FIA staff like Mr. Jarmo Mahonen - FIA Rally Director, Carlos Abella -FIA Development Department Director and Ms. Kate Robson - FIA Institute.



A high pitched battle looms large in the forthcoming 62nd KCB Safari Rally which is the seventh round of the FIA Africa Rally Championships and Safari Rally debutant Gary Chaynes of Ivory Coast and 2012 African Rally Champion Mohamed Essa of Zambia will battle for the top honours.
Chaynes is currently on the driving seat in the ARC standings with 101 points followed by Mohammed Essa (93) and Jaspreet Chatthe (58). Other ARC registered drivers like Jas Mangat. Manvir Baryran could spoil the points scoring party by taking points away from the top ARC contenders.

The rally which is organized by Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) on the weekend on September 12-4 will deviate from the tradition in which Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) has been the start and finish-off points for as long as early 70's. The country's landmark building will only serve as the start point on September 12 with Nanyuki designated as the finish on September 14 thus giving drivers something different to sample in not only a picturesque setting but a tourist destination.
As part of the strategy to regain the World Rally Championships (WRC) status, KMSF is deviating from open public road stages to the serene private farm closed roads where safety is guaranteed. Cars will romp off at the KICC on Day 1 and will tackle a section through Migaa farm where they will do a 7.5 km stage.There will be a second service at Solio after the drivers have covered a painstaking transport section on tarmac total distance of 175 km. This will be followed by a 29.75 km stretch at Lengetia after which action will shift to Nanyuki's Batian View located at the foothills of Mount Kenya where they will have short stages totalling 3.02 km. Migaa and Batian Stages will both be spectator stages on Leg 1A in which drivers will cover a total of 310 kilometres.

Cars will then head for Parc Ferme at Sportsman Arms Hotel and will restart for Leg1B on Day 2 then head to service at Batian view where they will tackle another short 12.17km stage at Turaco. Afterwards, it will be a test of endurance and skills when the drivers take on a massive 54Kkm stretch at Loldaiga which is easily the longest stage of the rally. For the second time, they will partake the Batian View before repeating Lengetai, Turacco and Batian with 338 km completing the second day.
On the final day (Leg2), cars will restart at Parc Ferme then head straight into service at Batian before repeating the gruelling Loldaiga section which is typical of the Safari identity. Loldaiga has been described as a real test of man and machine and is not for the faint-hearted. Pundits allude that this is where the rally will be won or lost. Drivers will then head to the expansive wheat farms in Kisima where two stages are lined up, the Airstrip (7.87 kms) and Wheatlands (10.91 kms). Curtains will then come down with a flat-out 3km of spectator stage at Batian view which will be the fourth time that the stage will be revisited. The finish-off at Batian will be presided over by Laikipia County Governor Joshua Irungu.

Amongst the locals, eyes will be on among others last year’s winner Baldev Chager, Ian Duncan who will be making a comeback after skipping the Nanyuki Rally. Carl "Flash" Tundo is also in the groove and it will be interesting to see whether the Menengai Racing man who has four titles to his name will equal legendary Shekhar Mehta's feat of five diadems. Rajbir Rai, son of another icon Sarbi Rai, is still basking in the pride of clinching the Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally crown and will be out to claim another in a trot.
Also in the fray is Kisumu-based Jaspreet Chatthe who is leading the KNRC series and who will be seeking to protect his reputation as the ARC Tanzania rally winner. Another foreigner to watch is Jas Mangat from Uganda who will be making a comeback.

The ARC Manufacturer's Cup is bumper to bumper with a three point gap separating leaders Mitsubishi (129 points) and second placed Subaru (126 points).
The Classic Cup which will feature yester-year machines has Jonathan Somen, Ramesh Vishram, and veteran Aslam Khan, an experienced driver in his own right. Khan will both be steering a Porsche 911 while Ramesh and Somen will be in a Ford Escort Mark 2.

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