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KCB SAFARI RALLY 2013 - By Samson Ateka


After years of trying Baldev Singh Chager and his partner Ravi Soni won the 2013 KCB Safari Rally title in Kajiado with a massive 10.06minutes margin over 2006 winner Azar Anwar.

But FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) registered drivers bore the full brunt of Safari rockery with only two finishers in Essa Mohammed (7th) and Jas Mangat (26th).
Casualties in the ARC category were Giancarlo Davite of Rwanda, Jassy Singh of Zambia and Kenyan Division 2 driver Jassi Chatthe of Kenya who crashed in the long 84km section which ran from Il-Bisel all the way to Parane.
The ball joint gave up on us 5km to the end of the killer 86km stage!! I must congratulate Essa as he managed to push through all his problems and get to the end.” Jassy commented.

But Chager, who didn’t score ARC points, eclipsed Azar to second place.
Tundo was the early leader after Saturday’s CS1 Jamhuri Park stage but fortunes changed as crews headed towards Kajiado territory.
Chager led the event from Leg 1B to the very last stage thus chalking up his second win of the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) 2013 series.
In so doing, Chager becomes the first Sikh driver to achieve the coveted trophy in 37 years since legendary Joginder Singh last won Safari Rally with David Doig in 1976.

Joginder has won the Safari three times with his brother Jaswant Singh in 1965 and in 1974 and 1976 with David Doig.
Chager won the season opening Rally in Kajiado last January; a fact that makes defending champion Carl Tundo believe that there is no realistic chance of winning back the KNRC title.
Chager needs to finish third in the next three events in Mombasa, Kisumu and the prestigious Guru Nanak Rally to reclaim what has elude him since 2008.
“Championship hopes are definitely over,” offered Tundo who retired in the long Il-Bissel when his engine packed up.

Chager had his campaign effectively sewn up when Duncan retired on Saturday with gearbox gremlins and Tundo with engine failure on the last day.
“The Safari is always magical to win. We have tried to win it for many years, we’ve been leading a couple of times but we’ve always ended up having problems. This year we were leading from the second stage all the way to the end. I’m happy that everything was on my side.” said Chager.

Quentin Mitchell savored second podium on the Safari in as many years. “This is a real testimony to our team for keeping us going on one of the toughest safaris in history! I really want to thank my navigator Robin Dimbleby,” said Mitchell.



1.Baldev Chager /Ravi Soni (EVO9) 2:51.03
2. Azar Anwar/Julius Ngigi (EVO8) 3:01.09
3. Quentin Mitchell/Robin Dimbleby (Subaru N16) 3:02.36
4. Frank Tundo/Tash Di Cangio (EVO9) 3:06.08
5. Manvir Baryan/Drew Sturrock (Subaru N16) 3:10.56
6. Rajbir Rai/Supee Soin (EVOX) 3:13.35
7. Essa Mohammed/Greg Stead (Subaru) 3:19.45
8. Jasmeet Chana/Rohit Budhia (EVO9) 3:24.43
9. Tejvir Rai/Zahir Shah (Subaru N16) 3:29.06
10. Don Smith/Bob Kaugi (Subaru N14) 3:30.10
11. Asad Anwar/Kashif Sheikh (EVO7) 3:35.40
12. Jaswinder Chana/Ravi Chana (Toyota Celica GT4) 3:37.41
13. Anwar Pandya/Sanjeev Pandya (Subaru N16) 3:37.57
14. Steve Gacheru/Tuta Mionki (Subaru N10) 3:40.11
15. Nzioka Waita/Laban Cliff (Subaru) 3:40.5
16. Alasdair Keith/Tariq Maliq (Subaru Impreza) 3:41.43
17. Hardeep Rehsi /Jaspal Matharu (EVO9)3:43.35
18. John Nganga/George Njoroge (Subaru Impreza) 3:46.26
19. Imran Mughal/Anthony Tibo (Subaru Impreza) 3:47.48
20. Aslam Khan/Arshad Khan (Porsche 911) 3:48.53
21. Joost Zuurbier/Nehreen Ismail (Land Rover Tornado) 3:53.03
22. Issa Amwari/Job Njiru (EVO9) 3:54.30
23. Paras Pandya/Falgun Bhojak (Subaru Impreza) 3:55.36
24. Davinder Sembi /Deeps Mehangra (Subaru N16)3:58.09
25. Malcom Destro/Simon Bates (Datsun 260Z) 3:58.12
26. Jas Mangat/Gihan De Silva (EVOX) 3:58.33
27.Hardev S. Sira/Jasneil GHataure (Ford Escort Mexico) 4:02.50
28. Dennis Mwenda/Edward Njoroge (Toyota Sprinter GT) 4:03.11
29. Joe Muchiri/James Mwangi (Subaru gc8) 4:08.39
30. Izhar Mirza/Kavit Dave (EVO9) 4:12.19
31. Rajesh Maini/Thabit Khandwalla (Range Rover-Classic) 4:13.34
32. Stanley Thuo/Mwangi Waithaka (Subaru pickup) 4:14.52
33. Ramesh Vishram/Atul Kochar (Ford Escort) 4:24.13
34. Rupesh Chauhan/Atul Kochar (Range Rover-Wildcat) 4:27.27
35. Philis Wambui/Linet Ayuko (Subaru) 4:31.08
36. Joan Nesbitt/Tamara Jones (Toyota Tercel) 5:08.55


1. Baldev Chager (EVOX)
2. Azar Anwar (EVO8)
3. Quentin Mitchell (Subaru N16)
1. Essa Mohammed (Subaru-Zambia)
2. Jas Mangat (EVOX-UG)

1. Jazzy Chana (Toyota Celica GT4)
2. Alasdair Keith (Subaru)
3. Aslam Khan (Porsche 911)

1. Aslam Khan (Porsche 911)
2. Malcom Destro (Datsun 240Z)
3. Hardev S. Sira (Ford Escort Mexico)

1. Dennis Mwenda (Toyota Sprinter GT4)
2. Joan Nesbit (Toyota Tercel)www.facebook.com/anwar.sidi

Baldev Singh Chager and Ravi Soni in their Mitsubishi Evo 10 on the way to leading the 2013 KCB Safari Rally after Day 1. In the ARC the leader is Jaspreet Singh Chatte of Kenya ahead of Jassy Singh and Mohammed Essa.



2008 Kenya National Rally champion Baldev Singh Chager inched closer to the coveted KCB Safari Rally diadem on the penultimate day after staging a clinical and well calculated run in Kajiado and its environs.

Chager who is seeking to claim a maiden Safari Rally title had his Leg 1B campaign effectively sewn up when last year’s winner Carl Tundo ran into mechanical gremlins.

For Chager, Tundo’s ill fortunes were perceived as good riddance in his (Chager’s) quest to emerge triumphant in the World's toughest rally.

Chager ended leg proceedings on a rousing note clocking 1:24.50 hours to beat Tundo by a 2minutes and 4 seconds margin.

Legendary 1994 WRC Safari Rally winner Ian Duncan was the biggest casualty of the day when he retired on CS5 end in Konza as a result of gearbox problems.

Chager who was navigated by Ravi Soni in a Mitsubishi EVO9 contraption sounded quite febrile knowing too well that tomorrow’s 84-kilometer stage could alter the leader board  of the rally altogether.

The grueling stage which is not for the faint-hearted runs around Parane.

Asked the secret of his Day 2 success, Chager who won the opening Kajiado Rally in January averred: “Safari is always laden with surprises and you never know what’s up the sleeves of your opponents. We went into Isinya stage knowing that Tundo and Ian will push really hard. This is exactly what they did, though this was least surprising given that they are among the bigwigs in the sport. Ian had a problem and Flash (Tundo) was grappling with a puncture,” said Chager.

The rockery in Kajiado claimed quite a number of cars. Rwandese crew of Giancarlo Davite and Sylvia Vindevogel- who are fighting to regain their lead in the FIA African Rally Championship (ARC)- unceremoniously kissed the Kenyan round goodbye with mechanical gremlins.

Tundo picked up a puncture on CS5 and watched in disbelief as the sump-guard of his Mitsubishi EVO9 fell off. Coming into service, Tundo was three minutes behind Chager but nonetheless fought gallantly in the last section which was CS7.

“We got a puncture and for this reason found ourselves three minutes behind. This necessitated us to stop to change the tyre. We had a clean run through the last section and took 40 seconds off Chager. We will try and do something spectacular in the 80 kilometers tomorrow.,” said Tundo.

Day two was not devoid of drama. Hapz Sagoo from Mombasa also retired 6 kilometers to the end of CS4 with a rear broken diff.

Richard Onyoni’s EVO 8 caught fire on CS5 but both the driver and navigator Ken Masoni ARE ok.

The ARC drivers didn't push the Kenyan speedsters. The leading driver in ARC was  Jassi Singh Chatthe in fourth place behind multiple Kenya Champion  Azar Anwar. 

Zambian youngster Jassy Singh  appeared to safeguard his lead in the ARC series  and kept African champion Essa Mohammed at bay. Mangat was left to rue a day full of misfortunes including an excruciating puncture om CS4  


1. Baldev Chager/Ravi Soni (EVOX) 1:24.50 2. Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop (EVO9) 1:26.54 3. Azar Anwar/Julius Ngige (EVO8) 1.29.36 4. Jaspreet Chatthe/Gugu Panesar (EVO9) 1:33.39 4= Quentin Mitchell/Robin D. (Subaru N16) 1:33.39 6. Frank Tundo/Tash Di Cangio (EVO9) 1.33.49 7. Jassy Singh/Dave Sihoka (Subaru) 1.36.52 8. Manvir Baryan (Suabru N16) 1.36.54 9. Jas Mangat/Gihan De Silva (EVOX) 1:38.41 10. Essa Mohammed/Greg Stead (Subaru) 1:39.06


KCB SAFARI RALLY DAY 1A – Friday 5th July 2013


Carl “Flash” Tundo has started his battle to retain the KCB Safari Rally on a stunning note as he took an overnight lead after the Jamhuri Park spectator stage on Friday.

Tundo stands ahead of Baldev Chager and Ian Duncan with Uganda's Jas Mangat and Zambian Essa Mohammed standing out as the best placed foreigners in fourth and fifth slots respectively.

But the difference between the top five is a mere five seconds with Tundo returning his Mitsubishi EVO9 at 1.49 minutes; two ahead of Chager and three ahead of Duncan while Mangat and Mohammed have both clocked 1.54.

The real action of the 61st edition of the Safari Rally starts Saturday morning with drivers going for each other’s jugular around Kimuka, Olepolos, Corner Baridi, Isinya, Konza and Orien regions.

Drivers had a slight feel of the competition at CS1 Jamhuri Park Stage in Nairobi. The supplementary class has Alasdair Keith at 2.02 in a Subaru Impreza heading the pack followed by South African Geoff Bell in a Datsun 240z at 2.05 minutes. Third is Mahesh Halai followed by Manik Choda and Jazzy Chana.

Chana posted the quickest stage run in the Supplementary Class at 1.59 minutes but dipped to fifth place after picking up a 10 seconds penalty for jumpstarting.

Tundo, who is the reigning KNRC champion, is seeking a fifth Safari Rally diadem.

The Nakuru- based farmer was all smiles after Day 1 action and candidly admitted that it is not going to be an easy competition given the caliber of entries.

Tundo has expressed satisfaction with the weather conditions which he says are very conducive for an ideal drive.

“I am not going to talk of my chances but the prospect of taking part in the rally is exciting. I can only envisage a tough competition though the weather is perfect,” he said at the Jamhuri Park.

Tundo, driving a Mitsubishi Evo 9 navigated by Tim Jessop, is tipped to be the man to beat in the competition that has attracted over 70 cars in both the main event and the supplementary competition.

“As you can see the field has quality and seasoned drivers, which makes the competition very tight,” said Tundo who is looking to emulate legendary Shekhar Mehtah’s five victories, the highest ever recorded by a driver.

“We are going to give it a good shot and hope to be back first on Sunday.”

Chager says he is under no pressure as he looks to consolidate his lead.

“I’m looking to enjoying myself as I compete too to ensure I remain ahead of the pack. It will be nice though winning the Safari. It’s everyone’s dream to win an event of such magnitude,” He said

While Chager is squarely targeting the local title, Zambian duo of Essa Mohammed and Jassy Singh start their battle for the African title. Mohammed who is the reigning African  champion says he is at ease and believes his title is not yet taken by Singh who is the current leader in the ARC.

“Anything can happen in this championships and I do believe I can get the points which are vital,” said Mohammed.

The rally was officially flagged off by the Deputy President William Ruto at the KICC. The DP offered government support in pushing for the competition to be included in the WRC calendar.


1. Carl Tundo (Kenya) 00:1.49mins

2. Baldev Chager (Kenya) 00:01.51

3.  Ian Duncan (Kenya) 00:01.52

4. Jas Mangat (Uganda) 00:01.54

5. Essa Mohammed (Zambia) 00:01.54

6. Jaspreet Chatthe (Kenya) 00:01.56

7. Jassy Singh (Zambia)  00:01.58

8. Raaji Bharij (Kenya) 00:01.59


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