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2012 Zambia Press Releases


 Essa wins Puma Zambia rally 2.jpg

Essa wins Puma Zambia rally


Muhammad Essa Jumps High with Subaru 2.jpg

Muhammad Essa Jumps High with Subaru


Jassy Sighn and Davie Sihoka.jpg

Jassy Sighn and Davie Sihoka 


Hear an interview with the Zambia Rally winner on www.irallylive.com - Thanks to Peter Silberberg and Greg Strange of irally.com - Clilk on links below



Mohammed Essa wins Puma Energy Zambia Rally to extend African championship lead
- By Ignatius Mazeko - Lusaka, Sunday 20h30

ZAMBIA’s Mohammed Essa this afternoon scooped the drama-packed Puma Energy Zambia International Rally to open up a 27-point lead in the eight-legged FIA African Rally Championship (ARC).

Essa increases his season tally to 52 points after his triumph in the Puma Energy Zambia International Rally, the third round of this year’s African championship after the Toyota Zimbabwe Challenge and the Sasol Rally South Africa held in March and April respectively.

The 22-year-old Essa, who started the day two minutes 39 seconds down in second position, took the laurels in the very opening stage of the day, SS12, when overnight leader Giancarlo Davite of Rwanda retired his Subaru Impreza N11 after the drive shaft gave up.

Essa timed two hours 55 minutes five seconds in his recently acquired Prodrive-built Madison/ Puma Energy Subaru N12B to win his maiden Zambia International Rally on his sixth outing in this annual rally having come close to victory during the 2009 and 2012 editions.

Muna Singh’s 19-year-old son Jassy put up a gallant fight aboard his father’s Net One Technologies Subaru N10 to finish second with a time of 03:03:31 seconds and was followed by Zimbabwean Jamie Whyte who suffered a 10 minutes penalty for taking a shortcut on stage 12 to finish on 03:10:44 seconds.

Zambian Azim Ticklay grabbed fourth position on 03:31:27 seconds ahead of countrymen Dani Beaini on 03:40:22 seconds and Muna’s 17-year-old son Muna jr. who settled for sixth position on 04:04:48 in his second rally while Massimo Sellicato took seventh place on 04:20:56 seconds.

A delighted Essa said he was pleased by winning the rally and thanked his sponsors Madison Insurance Company Zambia (MGen) and Puma Energy Zambia for the support while Davite, who remains on 22 points, said crashing out was part of the rally.

The Italian-born Davite said he would be heading for the Safari Rally a charged up driver and was optimistic of increasing his points tally in the African championship.

Essa overcame two scares today when the front sump guard of his car was smashed by a rock he landed on and uprooted after taking a jump in the notorious 24.67-km Chartonel SS12 that also claimed Davite, Zambians Paul ‘Poncho’ Monge and Imran Ticklay also aboard Subarus.

Like yesterday, the 2009 and 2010 Zambian champion lost another five minutes in the 14.62-km Bull SS16 when he did almost the entire stage and the full Waterfall 7.45km SS17 on a flat tyre.

Seven drivers finished the rally from 14 starters as Essa, who is contesting full African championship circuit this year, now shifts his attention to the continent’s fourth round, the KCB Safari Rally Kenya set for Nairobi in three weeks time.  

Puma Energy Zambia International Rally official final results

1.      Mohammed Essa 02:55:04

2.      Jassy Singh +08:27

3.      Jamie Whyte +15:40

4.      Azim Ticklay +36:23

5.      Dani Beaini +45:18

6.      Muna Singh jr +1:09:44

7.      Massimo Sellicato +1:25:52


Retired: Monge (centre diff), Davite (gearbox), Imran, Robinson, Mangat (front suspension), Mohammed Salim (front suspension), Patel (electrical), Simakoloyi (did not start rally)

Paul Monge retires after SS12 with diff problems. Imran Tickley also retires.

BREAKING NEWS -Zambia Rally - Sunday 09h55
Giancarlo Davite retires with a broken driveshaft in SS12. Essa now back in the lead. WOW !!

Get voice interviews from End of Day 2 from Lusaka on - www.irallylive.com .......... By Peter Silberberg

Davite Takes Over Lead From Essa On Day 2 of Puma Energy Zambia International Rally - From Ignatius Mazeko - Lusaka, Saturday 20h00

RWANDESE Giancarlo Davite has taken over the lead from Zambian Mohammed Essa on the drama packed last stage of day two of the 590km Puma Energy Zambia International Rally in Chisamba this afternoon.

Davite wrestled the lead away from Essa who lost five minutes trying to figure out why his Prodrive-built Madison/ Puma Subaru Impreza N12B ceased a few minutes away from the end of the 16.40km Chongera stage 11.

The Rwandese co-driver by compatriot Sylvia Vindevogel in a Subaru N11 takes a two minutes 39 seconds overnight lead going into the last six stages of the rally tomorrow to be run in Silverest, east of the capital Lusaka.

Essa has three stages Chartonel (24.67km), Bull (15.56km) and Waterfall (7.45km) each to be run twice to wipe out Davite’s lead or else and if the order remains unchanged then the Rwandese will go top of the FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) by three points.

The Puma Energy Zambia International Rally is the third round of this year’s legged African champions after the Toyota Zimbabwe Challenge and the Sasol Rally South Africa from where Essa minted 15 points and 12 points respectively to lead the pack by two points.

Davite, who trails Essa by five points in the African race, said he cannot believe that he has a healthy lead away from home and in the rally that he has failed to finish from two previous editions.

“Comfortable lead but still keep concentration for tomorrow. Too glad, I can’t believe it,” Davite said.

Drama started when Essa’s Subaru carrying a comfortable three minute 10 seconds lead stopped about one kilometre from end of the stage for about five minutes after a nut holding cables to the fuel pump came off.

As Essa and his Zimbabwean co-driver Greg Stead were struggling to restart their car, they were overtaken by an identical car driver by Ugandans Jas Mangat and Gihan De Silva who led for about 200 metres.

Unfortunately for the Ugandans, they went on to uproot a rock that in the process broke the front suspension to retired from a second successive rally after their misfortunes in Zimbabwe at the Toyota Challenge two months ago.

Luckily, Essa and Stead who posted fastest time in eight of the 10 stages of day two, managed to start car and finished the stage but with Davite and Vindevogel right behind them thus the crew from Rwanda took a two minute 39 seconds overnight lead.

Zambian champions Paul Monge and Ray Thornicroft in a Steers Subaru N12 finished eight minutes 21 seconds off the pace in third position, 57 seconds quicker than Muna Singh’s 19-year-old son Jassy co-driven by Dave Sihoka who overcame a damaged differential in the morning stages.

Zimbabweans Jamie Whyte and Gareth Dawe lost time in stage eight after their brakes packed up but managed to finish fifth overall at the final stage.

Equally losing time were other Zimbabweans Richard Robinson and Colin Schreiber who dropped to an unfamiliar position, second from bottom.

Robinson and Schreiber lost time in stage six when the sump guard of their Mitsubishi Evo 8 bent and ploughed a portion of Graham Ray farmland while Zambia’s Massimo Sellicato and Fred Wamala, aboard a Toyota Landcruiser, suffered multiple penalties for earliness and lateness to finish rock bottom.

Imran Ticklay and Lastone Chulu settled for sixth position in a Subaru N10 that endured stage five with a broken rear drive shaft while Dani Beaini and Adrian Sutherland powered their Landcruiser to seventh position despite encountering a few problems, notably on the river crossing. ©ZMSA

Puma Energy Zambia International Rally update (SS11 - end of day – Davite times 10:28 to win stage by 17 seconds from Whyte)

1.      Davite 1:44:09

2.      Essa +2:39

3.      Monge +8:21

4.      Jassy +9:18

5.      Whyte +9:22

6.      Imran +21:00

7.      Beaini +22:34

8.      Azim +25:17

9.      Muna jr +35:35

10.  Robinson +40:45

11.  Sellicato +1:00:55


**Retired: Jas Mangat (front suspension SS11), Mohammed Salim (front suspension), Ashish Patel (electrical SS3)

Puma Zambia Rally - UPDATE - Saturday 12th May - 16h30 By Ignatius Mazeko
Drama in stage 11. Essa stops Ikm before the end of the stage. Jas Mangat takes the lead but 300 m later hits a jump and breaks a suspension. Daviteabout to come but Essa manages to start his car and get to the Stage finish with Davite right behind him. Davite should be leading now. Wow rally is full of action drama.

Puma Zambia International Rally - End SS9A - Sat 12th May 2012 -15h30
Provisional Results end Stage 9A
1. Mohammed Essa - 1:24:39
2. Giancarlo Davite - 1:26:56
3. Jas Mangat - 1:28:09
4. Jassy Singh - 1:35:20
5. Jamie Whyte - 1:35:43
6. Imran Tickley - 1:44:59
7. Danni Beaini - 1:46:05
8. Azim Tickley - 1:47:38
9. Muna Junior - 1:56:38
10. Richard Robinson - 2:06:06
11.Massimo Sellicato - 2:20:27
Salimu - Retired
Ashish - Retired

The Die Is Cast For Puma Energy Zambia International Rally 2012

By Ignatius Mazeko

Lusaka, Friday

THE 590-km Puma Energy Zambia International Rally blasts off this afternoon at the Lusaka Motor Club’s spectacle twisty but fast one-car start 1.54-km super special stage that has year in, year out embarrassed several crews.

The embarrassment on this tricky twice-run stage is bound to continue today as some crews are likely to overshoot and lose ground before the rally proper tomorrow and on Sunday when machines go on real test in Chisamba’s Mutendere area and Silverest respectively.

Fifteen vehicles, led home by the debutant Prodrive-built Madison/Puma Subaru Impreza N12B driven by FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) leaders Mohammed Essa of Zambia and Greg Stead from Zimbabwe, will start this three-day competition at Rally HQ, Hotel InterContinental.

Essa has 27 points and leads the African race by two points from Zimbabwean Jess Watson and Mark Cronje of South Africa who are both not part of this rally expected to be flagged by Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili and Puma Energy Chairman Jacob Sikazwe at 2pm in Lusaka.

Therefore victory this weekend for Essa, who gets car number one for the first time in the history of the Zambia round of the African championship, will be a morale booster from three rallies going into a further five rallies in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Madagascar.

He reiterated in an interview that he is going for nothing less than an outright win and for sure with the competitive 2004 and 2005 African champion Muna Singh not taking part due to financial constraints; Essa at 22 has to carry the heavy burden of representing Zambian effectively.

Four foreign drivers whom Essa was up against in the ARC’s Toyota Zimbabwe Challenge and Sasol Rally South Africa have followed him to his home rally hoping to outdo him, a feat they failed to do achieve in the opening two Harare and later on Nelspruit.

The four are Rwandese Giancarlo Davite (Subaru N11), who is five points behind Essa in fourth position, 2009 and 2010 African champion Jamie Whyte (Subaru N10), his Zimbabwean counterpart Richard Robinson (Mitsubishi Evo 8) and Uganda’s Jas Mangat (Subaru N12), all yet to register points.

Davite’s co-driver Sylvia Vindevogel said she was looking forward to the rally and has warned Essa, who has boosted his service team by hiring Prodrive-trained Zimbabwean Neil Demert, to watch out for the foreign crews.

“Essa be ready we all gonna push you. Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia......tchouk tchouk, twende she, haraka bwana! Good luck Essa,” Vindevogel said.

Davite, Whyte, Robinson and Mangat are all highly experienced, quick and aggressive drivers with proven track records and they will no doubt give Essa, who is set to start car number one on the road sweeping the way for his rivals, a good run for his money over the next three days.

The margins today will be in seconds of single digits for obvious reasons that the stage is too short for crews to hand each wide leads although anything is possible going by the anxiety and determination of the faces of all the 15 crews.

In the local championship, Muna’s eldest son Jassy will, just like Essa in the African championship, hope to extend his lead after winning the season opener, the Poncho Fringilla Rally about four weeks ago.

Driving Muna’s Subaru N10, Jassy will however have a daunting task with the return of national champion Paul ‘Poncho’ Monge who missed his own rally because his Subaru N12 was at the time in transit to Nelspruit for the Sasol Rally after it was hired by Essa for Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Salim Mohammed returns to action with a locally built Subaru after rolling his Subaru N10 badly during the Poncho Fringilla Rally while Mujo Simakoloyi will make a debut in a Toyota Corolla with Ashish Patel counting on another good finish after taking second position behind Jassy.

Jassy’s younger brother Muna jr. steps into his sibling’s VW Golf 3 with his aunt and seasoned co-driver Tinky Naidu calling the notes. Azim Ticklay, Dani Beaini and Massimo Sellicato all driving Toyota Landcruisers complete the list of 11 Zambian drivers competing in the rally against four foreign crews.

The first vehicle goes on the ramp at Hotel InterContinental at 2pm and will be followed three minutes later by the second competitor and the sequence will follow in that order heading to the Lusaka Motor Club in the Showgrounds for super special stage expected to be watched by a capacity crowd.

The rally will be witnessed by a high powered delegation from the FIA led by world motorsport governing body’s rally commission vice-president Jonathan Ashman from the United Kingdom who is playing the role of Steward.

The rest of the FIA officials are South African Willie Du Plessis the Chairman of Stewards, Ralph Stead from Zimbabwe is the Observer while the Technical Delegate is Viren Goricha of Kenya. ©ZMSA

Puma Energy Zambia International Rally official Entry List (in alphabetical order)

1. Ashish Patel (Z)/ Shital Naik (Z) - Subaru Impreza GC6

2. Azim Ticklay (Z)/ Mali Chulu (Z) - Toyota Landcruiser

3. Dani Beaini (Z)/ Adrian Sutherland (Z) - Toyota Landcruiser

4. Giancarlo Davite (RW)/ Sylvia Vindevogel (RW) - Subaru Impreza WRX

5. Imran Ticklay (Z)/ Lastone Chulu (Z) - Subaru Impreza WRX

6. Jamie Whyte (ZW)/ Gareth Dawe (ZW) - Subaru Impreza WRX

7. Jas Mangat (EAU)/ Gihan De Silva (EAU) - Subaru Impreza WRX

8. Jassy Singh (Z)/ Dave Sihoka (Z) - Subaru Impreza WRX

9. Massimo Sellicato (Z) - Toyota Landcruiser

10. Mohammed Essa (Z)/ Greg Stead (ZW) - Subaru Impreza WRX

11. Mujo Simakoloyi (Z)/ Colin Garder jr. - Toyota Corolla

12. Muna Singh jr. (Z)/ Tinky Naidu (Z) – VW Golf 3

13. Paul Monge (Z)/ Ray Thornicroft (Z) - Subaru Impreza WRX

14. Salim Mohammed (Z)/ Ajit Naik - Subaru Impreza WRX

15. Richard Robinson (ZW)/ Colin Schreiber - Mitsubishi Evo 8

Puma Energy Zambia International Rally official Entry List (in alphabetical order)
1. Ashish Patel (Zambia) Subaru Impreza GC6
2. Azim Ticklay (Zambia) Toyota Landcruiser
3. Dani Beaini (Zambia) Toyota Landcruiser
4. Giancarlo Davite (Rwanda) Subaru Impreza WRX
5. Imran Ticklay (Zambia) Subaru Impreza WRX
6. Jamie Whyte (Zimbabwe) Subaru Impreza WXR
7. Jas Mangat (Uganda) Subaru Impreza WRX
8. Jassy Singh (Zambia) Subaru Impreza WRX
9. Massimo Sellicato (Zambia) Toyota Landcruiser
10. Mohammed Essa (Zambia) Subaru Impreza WRX
11. Muna Singh jr. (Zambia) VW Golf 3
12. Paul Monge (Zambia) Subaru Impreza WRX
13. Salim Mohammed (Zambia) Subaru Impreza WRX

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