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2012 Madagascar Press Releases


Patrick Solofonirina and  Bethin Randriamihaingo driving a Mitsubishi Evo10 won the last round of the 2012 ARC held in Madagascar from 16/19th November 2012. Here pictured in action during a stage of the event.


"Boom" Patrick Solofonirina et Bethin Randriamihaingo
become the second malagasy crew to win a round of the FIA  African Rally Championship (ARC) after the pair of Jean Yves "Joda" Ranarivelo and Rila Ranaivomampianina (3 times ARC round winner).

Boom and Berthin in their Mitsubishi Evo X won the Rallye International de Madagascar (RIM), 8th and final round of ARC 2012, ran in conjonction with the 6th and final round of the Madagascar Rally Championship (MRC)

Friday, Novembre 16th
, 43 crews took run up from the Rally HQ, near the Senate Palace, opposite the Black Angel Lake. As the ARC 2012 is already won by the Zambian Mohamed Essa, no driver from the Continent cross the Mozambique channel to make the trip to the Great Island. The competition came down to a fight between local drivers.  A driver joked « It’s shame that Essa didn’t come, he wouldn’t be disappointed with the standard of Madagascar drivers », However, the event remains very exciting with many key battles, mainly the one between three last contenders for the MRC title : Olivier, Boom and Kopela.

There is 11 competitive sections to be run over throughout the rally.

According to Boom, the winner : « it was not easy to manage the race, if you ease off you’ll lose ground ; overshoots run risk of damage . The roads were a bit rough. The most challenging competitive section is the Androrohoro stage where road is twisty and narrow. There was also slippery sections ». Maybe the reason of output drives for Titi Rabekoto (Subaru Impreza) and Tahiana Andriamanantena (Subaru Impreza).

Boom completed the 478 km event of which 242 km was competitive in total of 3 hours and 20 seconds. He finished 4 minutes ahead of Olivier Ramiandrisoa. But this 2nd place is enough for Prodrive built Subaru Impreza driver to seal Madagascar Championship. He took sufficiently lead before this final round for « above all, (he) reached completion while trying not to lost too much time. ». This title rewrads the constency of the crew. Olivier and his father Haingo are one of rare crew – including the mixed crew Mac Guillot – Ms Nivo Razakarivony (Subaru Impreza) and the female crew Patty Randriamahefa – Sylvia Rakotovao (Citroën Visa) - who have completed all rounds of National Championship.

Five times former Madagascar Champion Jean Yves Marie "Joda" Ranarivelo co-drived by Teddy Rahamefy (Subaru Impreza) finished third overall  (+7 min17 sec), caught once again by a puncture. This misfortune reflects very well this event which is full of surprises.

Right at the start, Mathieu Andrianjafy - who won Tanzania Round of the Pirelli Star Driver 2009 against other african young drivers, one of which was … Mohamed Essa – hit hard,
After just first day’s two short  stages he was a scant 4 seconds ahead Joda and 7 seconds ahead Olivier. Boom stayed in touch, followed by Hubert "Mamy Kely" in his Subaru Impreza M12 (equivalent to group S in Southern Africa).

6 stages (3 stages covered 2 times) were schedulled for the second day. Mathieu continued his one man show, on the morning stages. Joda still lose time due to a car which have been short of adjustement. In the first run on the 30 km Androrohoro stage (CS4) he lost around 2 seconds per kilometer in relation to Mathieu.

Drama in this CS4 when Kopela Ratsihoarana retired (suspension) while Boom get an edge over Olivier, stage after stage.

But Mathieu’s race was slowed down then stopped by the weak point of his Mitsubishi Evo 9 : the gear box. "Really, I don’t understand" said Laurent Ramiarijaona, co driver and team boss "it was set up by a professional".

Free of his strongest opponent, Joda was flying to his 4th Arc round. He went to bed with 34 seconds cushion from Boom although he hit an embankment in the second day’s last stage. But that was reckoning without a puncture in the opening stage of the third day  : more than 9 minutes lost.

Boom took the laurels. Joda retrograde in the 3rd position, in a last stand gesture he posted fastest times in the two last stages of the event but position on podium still unchanged. « Nothing can’t be taken for granted untill the finish lane » Joda commented on the final ramp « Mathieu would have win. We had to overcome many scares but we are here »

Boom and Berthin savored their 3rd victory of the year. A delighted Berthin, codriver and Team Manager, said : « We are pleased by winning the rally and thanks all our sponsor for their supports ».

Like Mathieu other protagonists in turbo 4WD category retired succesively : Nashemi Randriamalala (Toyota Celica/ Wheels), Ndrianja Rajemison (Subaru), Hajia Andrimanalinarivo (Toyota Celica), Mamy Kely (Subaru) Tahina Razafinjoelina (Subaru/ Lubricant leak), Tonio Rakotomavo (Turbo).

20 years old driver Fred Ramboasoa put up a gallant fight aboard his father Subaru Impreza and enterred Top5 before he retired in the antepenultimate stage.

Spared by the Jinx, Guiguibone Andrianjafy (Mitsubishi Evo9) grabbed eventually 4th position. Mac Guillot (Subaru Impreza) finished 6th and Yves Rabarijoely (Subaru Impreza) closed top 10

Tovonen Rakotojohary in his Renault Clio enterred Top5 and won the 2 Wheels Drive Catégory which produced a merciless batlle between Tovonen and Fidinera (Renault Clio). Fidinera was contented of his 7th overall place that granted him the 2WD category Championship tittle.

Young driver Sitraka Rakotomalala was very impressive for his first rally on the left seat (driver), he matched with the two top favorites of the category before he rolled his Renault Clio. Sitraka and Rado, his father are unscathed.

Besides the Ramiandrisoa and the Rakotomalala, the Randriambololona started the rally but separately. Jaona, the father, associated with Bibi Rasendratsirofo (Peugeot 106) didn’t cross the finish line. Mahents, the son, who co-drived Ryan Rakotondrasoa was luckier.

22 drivers finished the rally. Among the finisher are : Soloberg Ratrimoarivony (Peugeot 205) and Joujou Razanaparany (Citroen Ax) who won respectively the under 1600cc and under 1400cc 2WD category, the 2011 Madagascar Karting Champion Iannis Pardon (Citoën Saxo T4), the Madagascar fastest mayor, Maurice Raktondrabe (Peugeot 205), drivers in venerable vehicles such as Bera Ralalarison’ s Peugeot 204 Safari or Nicki Delmotte’s Peugeot 505. Beta Randriamazomanana in his Peugeot 504 V6 retired as the second female crew Alcazaria Raharinosy – Kookie Rakotomalala (P205)

Curtain is folded both on the ARC and the MRC which were very exciting. Everybody now shift attention to 2013 season that is expected more fascinating.



  6. MAC – RAZAKARIVONY  (SUBARU) +0:23:34
  9. R. RABARIJOELY – RANDRIAMIHAJA  (P. 205) +0:50:04

 Best ARC Rally award for 2011

FIA President Jean Todt presenting the “Best ARC Rally 2011 Award” to the President of Zimbabwe Motor Sport Federation (ZMSF) Mr. Austin Whitehead and the event Clerk of Course Mr. Ralph Stead during the CACMS Annual Conference held in Mauritius early in September 2012. I presenting the award President Jean Todt praised Zimbabwe for winning this prestigious trophy and asked all organizers of the ARC to improve their event standards to promote the sport in Africa.

CACMS 2012 Delegates group photo.JPG
All the delegates from 17 countries around Africa in a group photo with the President of the FIA Mr. Jean Todt and the President of the FIA Institute Professor Gerard Saillent at the Hotel Paradis in Mauritius during the annual CACMS Conference in September 2012.
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