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  • african rally championship
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2009 Zambia Rally Results
Muna Singh and David Sihoka of Zambia on their way to win the
2009 Zambia International Rally.

Muna Singh piped young 20 year old PSD entrant Mohammed Essa in the final stages to win the 2009 Zambia International Rally by only 15 second. Mohammed Essa led the rally from the first stage and the two drivers were within seconds of each other throughout the rally.
With third place James Whyte and Phil Archenoul still have to go to Zimbabwe to clinch the championship which Muna Singh could still grab from him.
Fourth place went to Zambians Paul Monge and Ray Thornicraft in a newly aquirred Subaru Impreza N12 and fith overall was another PSD contender Chase Attwell also 20 years old from Zimbabwe.
Ugandan Emmanuel Katto and Moses Matovu retired in service when then hit a small tree after 3rd gear jumped out spinning the uncontrolable car. Oliver Costa and Sylvia Vindevogel from Rwanda held third place throughout the rally but eventually retired in service when they could not change their gearbox when the link broke and were OTL.
Final classification are:

1.Muna Singh / David Sihoka (Zambia)  (Subaru)                       
2.Mohammed Essa / Ajit Naik (Zambia) (Subaru)                       + 15 seconds
3.James Whyte / Phil Archenoul (Zimbabwe) (Subaru)                + 6 min 32 sec on leader
4. Paul Monge / Ray Thornicraft (Zambia) (Subaru)                   + 8 min 54 sec on leader
8. Chase Attwell / Brian Carrihill (Zimbabwe) (Subaru)                                +15 min 11 sec on leader
ARC DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP (Top Ten) - After Zambia Round 4
1.  James WHYTE (Zimbabwe)           30 points
2.  Muna SINGH (Zambia)                  23 points
3.  Mohammed ESSA (Zambia)          15.5 points
4. Emmanuel KATTO (Uganda)           15 points
5.  Oliver COSTA (Rwanda)                  9.5 points
6.  Don SMITH (Kenya)                        7 points
7= Valery BUKERA (Burundi)               5 points
7= Lola VERLAQUE (South Africa)       5 points
9= Peter HORSEY (Kenya)                 2 points
9=Giancarlo DAVITE (Rwanda)            2 points
10. Jas MANGAT (Uganda)                 1 point
11. Izhar MIRZA (Kenya)                   0.5 point
ARC NAVIGATORS CHAMPIONSHIP (Top Ten) - After Zambia Round 4
1.  Phil ARCHENOUL (Zimbabwe)       30 points
2.  David SIHOKA (Zambia)                22 points
3.  Moses MATOVU (Tanzania)          15 points
4= Megan VERLAQUE (South Africa)   6 points
4= Nital KHETIA (Burundi)                   6 points
6.  Sonal SMITH (Kenya)                     4 points
7. Sylvia VINDEVOGEL (Rwanda)     2.5 points
MANUFACTURERS - After Zambia Round 4
1. Subaru            35 points
2. Volkswagen      5 points
2. Mitsubishi       1.5 points
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