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  • african rally championship
  • african rally championship
  • african rally championship
  • african rally championship
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2006 Zambia Rally Results

20 year old Zimbabwean Conrad Rautenbach navigated by Dave Milner in their Subaru Impreza came back in the second leg to clinch overall victory in the 2006 Zambia International Rally which finished at 4 pm local time today Sunday 23rd July. After the problems of the driveshats Conrad threw down the gauntlet and took 2 minutes off the Leg 1 leader in the first stage of the day after Robinson puntured.
Richard Robinson and Colin Schrieber in their Mitsubishi Evo 6 took second place 2minutes 33 seconds behind the winner.
Belgians Patrick Emontspool and Alain Robert in a Subaru came third 6minutes 25seconds behind Conrad. Patrick retained and increased his lead in the African Rally Championship standings and now has 24 points to Conrad Rautenbach and Richard Robinson's 20 points each.
James Whyte and Phil Archenoul fought back into 4th place overall and the first Zambian was Rammy Singh and Gary Ismail in 5th place. Zambians Paul Monge and Ray Thornicraft finished sixth.
Championship contender Muna Singh and David Sihoka retired with a cylinder head gasket failure damaged by the radiator problem in Leg 1 and Belgian Guy Ernst and Benoit Bruck hit a tree in stage 18 and damaged their radiator.
The rally was run over 247.40 km of special stages in the Chisamba area north of Lusaka with the rally HQ at the plush Holiday Inn Lusaka. 21 cars started the rally with 16 homologated cars.
The top ten results are:
1. Conrad RAUTENBACH / David MILNER ZW/ZW Subaru Impreza 2:49:34
2. Richard ROBINSON / Colin SCHREIBER ZW / ZW Mitsubishi Evo6 2:52:07
3. Patrick EMONTSPOOL / Alain ROBERT B/B Subaru Impreza 2:55:59
4. James WHYTE / Phil ARCHENOUL ZW/ZW Mitsubishi Evo6 2:56:46
5. Rammy SINGH / Gary ISMAIL Z / Z Subaru Impreza 2:58:07
6. Paul MONGE / Ray THORNICRAFT Z/Z Subaru Impreza 2:59:59
7. Abdallah HAMAD / Lastone CHULU Z/Z Subaru Impreza 3:09:38
8. Charles KAPYA / Tison MITI Z/Z Subaru Impreza 3:12:07
9. Azim TICKLEY / Yakub PATEL Z/Z Toyota 3:28:13
10. Chase ATTWELL / Gareth DAWE Toyota 1600 3:29:13

RESULTS END OF LEG 1 SECTION 2 - Saturday 22nd July 2006 - 11h55
Robinson holds onto slender lead - Rautenbach break rear driveshaft

Richard Robinson and Colin Schrieber lead the Zambia International rally by 33 seconds after a clean run through the day of 144 km of 11 special stages. Conrad Rautenbach is second after he broke a rear driveshaft in the first of a 3 stage cluster and had the nurse the car back to service.
Riyaz Kurji also hit a rock early in stage 7 and had to limp home on the punture losing time.
Muna Singh was the only severe problem car with the radiator going into the fan causing severe overheating. Muna has complained to a non-functioning centre diff all day.
The rally goes into 102km of stages today and will finish in Lusaka at 15h40 this afternoon.
The top ten resutls after Leg 1 - Section 2 are:
1. Robinson / Schreiber Zimbabwe Mitsubishi - 1:35:13
2. Rautenbach / Milner Zimbabwe Subaru - 1:35:40
3. Kurji / Kadri Kenya Subaru - 1:37:53
4. Emontspool / Robert Belgium Subaru - 1:38:10
5. Rammy Singh / Gary Ismail Zambia Subaru - 1:38:14
6. Whyte / Archenoul Zimbabwe Mitsubishi - 1:40:52
7. Ernst / Bruck Belgium Subaru - 1:41:54
8. Monge / Thornicraft Zambia Subaru - 1:43:15
9. Hamad / Chulu Zambia Subaru - 1:45:19
10. Kapya / Mitti Zambia Subaru - 1:49:12
16. Muna Singh / Sihoka Zambia Subaru - 2:02:49

RESULTS END OF LEG 1 - SECTION 1 - Friday 21st July 2006 19h30
The 2007 Zambia International Rally was flagged off at 2pm this afternoon by the Minister of Sports and Culture.
The event went into 2 super special stages at the Lusaka Motor Club watched by a large crowd.
Belgians Patrick Emontspool navigated by Alain Robert won both super special stages today with the fastest time of 1:45 on both stages. Second was Richard Robinson and Colin Schrieber from Zimbabwe 3 seconds behind and followed by three driver in equal third place.
James Whyte and Phil Archenoul hit a rock and had two puntures so stopped in the SSS getting the maximum penalty and then had to drive on one punture for they only had one spare wheel in the car.
Conrad Rautenbach also hit something and broke his driveshaft and got a punture so had to limp out of the stage into the service park.
The provisional results for the day were:

1. Partick EMONTSPOOL / Alain ROBERT Belgium Subaru 3:30
2. Richard ROBINSON / Colin SCHREIBER Zimbabwe Mitsubishi 3:33
3=Muna SINGH / David SIHOKA Zambia Subaru 3:38=
3=Riyaz KURJI / Sayed KADRI Kenya Subaru 3:38=
3=Guy ERNEST / Benoit BRUCK Belgium Subaru 3:38=
6. Paul MONGE / Ray THORNICRAFT Zambia Subaru 3:39
7. Brant ANTONY / Mike TASTARD Zimbabwe Ford 3:44
8. Rammy SINGH / Gary ISMAIL Zambia Subaru 3:45
9.Conrad RAUTENBACH / Dave MILNER Zimbabwe Subaru 3:47
10.Charles KAPYA / Zambia Subaru 3:49
10=Raju SARAN / Mutumbi GOMA Zambia Subaru 3:49=

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