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2006 South Africa Rally Results
END OF RALLY REPORT - Results to follow soon
Zulu Rally South Africa 2006 End of Rally By MARTIN HOLMES 27th May 2006

Alister McRae made a spectacular return to top level rallying when he won
the Zulu Rally South Africa, that country's world championship candidate
event. Not only has he proved that the years lost to his career after the
Mitsubishi world championship withdrawal in 2002 have not dulled his
rallying skills, but this was also one of the first times a Group N car has
beaten the new Super 2000 cars on even terms anywhere in the world. In
line astern behind his Mitsubishi Lancer EvoVIII came a series of Toyota
and Volkswagen Super 2000 cars with the top seven finishers all qualifying
for the new FIA recognised Eurosport Challenge series on its inaugural

Run in KwaZulu Natal province and based at Durban, the event used stages
that were new to all competitors, and the stages were divided into three
distinctly different types. Only one of the venues was in the sugar cane
plantations which Durban based rallies traditionally use, others used some
remarkably twisty mountain tracks in the Valley of 1000 Hills area towards
Pietermaritzburg and on the final day classic British-type forest stages
were run. Only on the narrow, undulating mountain stages did the Super
2000 have the measure of the Group N cars.

60 crews took the start, ranging from FIA African championship drivers,
through regular South African competitors, and encouraged by the Eurosport
series came a factory Fiat Punto Abarth S2000, entered by N Technology for
the 21 year old Italian driver Umberto Scandola. No fewer than six S2000
cars took part, the highest recorded number for these cars anywhere! Cars
were categorised in different ways. The FIA African championship was
eligible for those who entered homologated Group N or class A6 cars,
Eurosport eligible cars were Group N or Super 1600, and South African
championship competitors used the cars entered in the special national
Group N or Class S3. Something for everyone.

On the first day McRae led from the start until VW driver Kuun passed into
the lead on the very twisty and narrow stage 4, but Kuun lost time in the
afternoon of the first day with a mysterious loss of engine power, letting
both McRae and the Toyota driver Serge Damseaux ahead. On the first day
the official VW team driver and reigning national champion Jan Habig
retired with engine overheating, and Scandola also abandoned. Near the end
of stage 4 the Fiat had a damaged rear suspension after impacting a rock,
but more fundamentally the car was withdrawn at service when it was found
the engine was misfiring, thought to be due to fuel quality problems.

The final two stages were defining. Shortened to 32km from the projected
44km, these were double runs over the forest stages and on the first run
through the section Fekken's Polo, McRae's Mitsubishi and Kuun's VW were
separated by only four seconds! It was a bad day for the Toyota S2000s.
Serge Damseaux went off the road and retired, Lourens dropped three minutes
and fell back behind Robbie Head. Going into the final stage McRae was 45
seconds in front of Kuun and took another 11 seconds off him, to win by
nearly a minute. Last stage casualty was Hergen Fekken whose VW stopped,
so that of the six S2000 cars only two completed the route, finishing
second and third.

Reigning Africa champion Muna Singh had been lying seventh overnight but
immediately retired with a broken rear differential. Championship leader
Azar Anwar from Kenya opted not to travel down to South Africa for this
event, championship second placeman Richard Robson crashed and third placed
Riyaz Kurji lost his brakes.

Martin Holmes
27 May 2006

Alister McRae leads Zulu Rally By MARTIN HOLMES 26th May 2006
After battling with his nearest rival all day, Mitsubishi Group N guest
driver Alister McRae is leading South African VW S2000 driver Enzo Kuun at
half way in the world championship candidate Zulu Rally South Africa by
four seconds. 60 crews started the event, including no fewer than six in
Super 2000 cars, with South Africans wondering whether a foreign Group N
driver could beat the new generation S2000 cars in a straight fight for the
first time in their country. A 12 second lead by McRae on the first stage
answered the query! Alister held the lead for the next two stages before
Kuun won the very slow and narrow 24 km stage 4 by 27 seconds but on the
final three stages of the day Kuun slowed down, and on the final stage of
the day Alister regained the lead. "I am not surprised how quickly Kuun
went on stage 4, the stage was so tricky for the bigger cars", Alister
admitted. Alister was delighted at his success to date. "Apart from one
British championship event, I have done hardly any rallying for the past
two years. It is only through the help of John Lloyd that I am here at
all!" This is McRae's first time rallying in this country, but a colleague
Robbie Head has come back again in to active competition, having a history
of rallying in this country some years ago. Head is lying sixth overnight,
second best Group N driver.

"I had a slow puncture on the first stage", Kuun admitted, "and running
first car on the road meant I was cleaning the surfaces on the first five
stages". But even so he still made best time on stages 2, 4 and 5, but
when he drove the repeated stages 6 and 7 his hopes of pulling well clear
of the event were dashed. On stage 3 he slid into as pole beside the track
and damaged his suspension. Reigning national champion Jannie Habig, who
is one of Kuun's teammates, retired after a water hose became disconnected
and the engine was damaged, and then Scandola's Fiat went missing with rear
suspension problems after hitting a rock. Hopes to be able to continue
were dashed when it was found the engine was damaged as well.

Regular drivers in the FIA's Africa regional championship had a bad day.
Ugandan driver Riyaz Kurji abandoned after his brakes failed on stage 1,
while Zimbabwean Richard Robinson damaged the suspension when he went off
the road. 200 ARC champion retried when his car ran out of fuel. The
second day includes five stages, including one 4e km stage tackled twice.

Martin Holmes
26 May 2006

End of Leg 1 Results In bold count for ARC:

1. Alister McRae / Gordon Noble GB/GB - Mitsubishi Evo8 - N4 - 1:24:48
2. Serge Damseaux / Robert Paisley ZA/ZA - Toyota Runx - S3 - 1:24:59
3. Enzo Kuun . Guy Hodgson ZA/ZA - VW Polo - S3 - 1:25:12
4. Hergen Fekken / Pierre Aries ZA/ZA - VW Polo - S3 - 1:25:45
5. Etienne Lourens / Andre Vermullen ZA/ZA - Toyota RunX - S3 - 1:25:52
6. Robbie Head / Robin Houghton GB/ZA - Mitsubshi Evo9 - N4 - 1:27:08
7. Fernando Rueda / Martin Botha ZA/ZA - Mitsubishi Evo9 - N4 - 1:28:18
8. Nicholas Ryan / S.Van Heerdeen ZA/ZA - Subaru Impreza - N4 - 1:29:07
9. Jean Pierre Damseaux ZA
10. Jon Williams ZA
11. Patrick Emontspool/Alain Robert B/B - Subaru Impreza - N4 - 1:31:16
16. Muna Singh / David Sihoka Z/Z - Subaru Impreza - N4 - 1:33:24
24. Jamie Whyte / Phil Archenoul - Mitsubishi Evo5 - N4 - 1:36:08
25. Emmanuel Katto / Cedric Buzabo EAU/EAU Subaru - N4 - 1:37:45

2006 ARC Drivers Championship after Rally South Africa
1. Azar ANWAR Kenya 15 points
2. Patrick EMONTSPOOL Belgium 14 points
3. Richard ROBINSON Zimbabwe 12 points
4. Alistair McRAE Scotland 10 points
4=Riyaz KURJI Kenya 10 points
6. Paul MONGE Zambia 9 points
6=Omar BAKHRESA Tanzania 9 points
8. Robbie HEAD Scotland 8 points
8=Baldev CHAGER Kenya 8 points
10.Fernando RUEDA South Africa 6 points
10=Navraj HANS Tanzania 6 points
10=Lee ROSE Kenya 6 points
10=Roland SEBAGUZI Uganda 6 points
10=Pano CALAVRAIS Tanzania 6 points
15.Nicholas RYAN South Africa 5 points
15=Alastair CAVENAGH Kenya 5 points
17.Emmanuel KATTO Uganda 4 points
17=Jamie WHYTE Zimbabwe 4 points
19. Paul PFEIFFER South Africa 3 points
19=Muna SINGH Zambia 3 points
21. John LLYOD GB 2 points
21=Anwar PANDYA Tanzania 2 points
21=Asad ANWAR Kenya 2 points
24. Ben PELSER South Africa 1 point

2006 ARC Navigators Championship
1. Alain ROBERT Belgium 14 points
2. Colin SCHRIEBER Zimbabwe 12 points
3. Gordon NOBLE GB 10 points
3=George MWANGI Kenya 10 points
3=Sayed KADRI Kenya 10 points
6. Ray THORNICRAFT Zambia 9 points
6=Maisam FAZAL Tanzania 9 points
8. Robin HOUGHTON South Africa 8 points
8=Farakh YUSAF Kenya 8 points
10. Martin BOTHA South Africa 6 points
10=Moses MATOVU Uganda 6 points
10=Abed LUBAMBULA Uganda 6 points
10=Frank GITAU Kenya 6 points
10=Piers DAYKIN Kenya 6 points
15. Schalk VAN HEERDEN South Africa 5 points
15=Des PAGE-MORRIS Kenya 5 points
17.Businge RWABWOGO Uganda 4 points
17=Phil ARCHENOUL Zimbabwe 4 points
19.David SIHOKA Zambia 3 points
19=Cindy HARDING South Africa 3 points
21. Pauline GULLICK GB 2 points
21=Sanjay PANDYA Tanzania 2 points
21=Nicholas PATEL Kenya 2 points
24. Erk BAKKES South Africa 1 point

2006 Manufactrers Cup
1. Mitsubishi 34 points
2. Subaru 33 points


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