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2006 Kenya Rally Results

Pos Driver Country Car (Time)
1 Azar Anwar/George Mwangi Kenya Mitsubishi Lancer (3:50:50 )
2 Baldev Chager/Farouq Yusuf Kenya Subaru Impreza (3:53:39 )
3 *Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop Kenya Subaru Impreza (3:59:45) *GroupS
4 Lee Rose/Piers Daykins Kenya Mitsubishi Lancer (4:00:05 )
5 Alastair Cavenagh/Des Page-Morris Kenya Subaru Impreza (4:08:15 )
6 Emmanuel Katto/Businge Rwabogo Uganda Subaru (4:09:15)
7 Jamie Whyte/Phil Archneoul
Zimbabwe Mitsubishi (4:10:14)
8 Asad Anwar/Nicholas Patel Kenya Mitsubishi Lancer (4:10:41 )
9 Richard Robinson/Colin Schreiber Zimbabwe Mitsubishi. (4:11:08 )
10 Guy Ernst/Benoit Bruck Belgium Subaru Impreza (4:17:17 )
11 Panos Calavrias/Moses Matovu TZ/EAU Subaru Impreza (4:19:12 )
12 Paul Monge/Ray Thornicraft Zambia Subaru Impreaz (4:22:02)
13 Shabir Hussein/Safina Khan Kenya Kenya Subaru Legacy (4:24:33 )
14 John Rose/Bill Kirk Kenya Mitsubishi Lancer (4:25:49 )
15 Navraj Hans/Frank Gitau Tanzania Mitsubishi Lancer (4:27:53)
16 Paul Semeye/Peter Stone Kenya Subaru Impreza (4:28:15)
17 Susheel Shah/Mohamed Kana Kenya Subaru Impreza (4:37:03)
18 Peter Horsey/Alex Horsey
Kenya Toyota Corolla RSi (4:44:02 )
19 Ben Muchemi/George Njoroge Kenya Subaru Impreza (4:58:09)
20 Yogesh Patel/Rommy Bhamra Kenya Subaru Impreza (5:03:29)
21 Alfir Khan/Salim Khan Kenya VW Golf GTi (5:10:14)
22 Dinesh Sachania/Kiran Patel Kenya Subaru Impreza (6:10:32)

DATE: 26.3.06
TIME: 2.10 PM
Kenya National Champion Azar Anwar coasted to the KCB 54th Safari Rally victory to gain a pole position in his title defense as Zimbabwean Jamie Whyte became the top placed foreign competitor in 5th overall place after two days of drama in the competition.
Anwar's victory in a Mitsubishi Lancer also gave Goerge Mwangi the navigator's diadem making him the first indgenous Kenyan co-driver to win the Safari Rally in its 54 year history.The second day had its fair of drama for others while with Anwar leading from start to finish.
Former national Champions Lee Rose and Carl Tundo however added to the drama in this leg as they pressed Azar-taking over leads from Azar. But the Aztek Motor sports driver stepped on the peddle for a final push in the last three sections to crown a successfull safari.
The win was a big relief for Anwar who ran into trouble last year when he was penalised for illegal Under Arms. The three minutes penalty pushed him to third with Glen Edmunds grabbing victory in fashion.But the spectacle was quite different this time as Anwar kept focused on the top prize
Tundo and Rose gave it as much as they could staging some spectacular runs on the initial stages to share fast times. But it seems the penalty imposed on drivers on Leg One had taken its toll on the two rallying meastros.
The list of casualties continued to build on day Two with Asad Khan joining those who had taken a back seat from the rally. He lost out to a damaged suspension and under arms after his Subaru Impreza hit a ditch at the end of section 13.
Others who kissed goodbye to the competition on Sunday were Tanzanians Ahmed Huwel, Saleh Belahabou and Omar Bakhresha.
The Safari sponsored by KCB alongside Security Group, Iway Africa, Keringet and triton Petroleum had its fair share of ups and downs with Uganda's Riyaz Kurji and Muna Singh of Zambia failing again to muster the challenge here. Kurji survived a crash into a tree three kilometres into the first section on Saturday. It left his co-driver Sayed Kadri badly shaken and slightly injured while Muna Singh got out at end of stage six due to mechanical problems.
The poor run in the Safari ensured that African Rally champion Singh's slide in the ARC continued unabated. He was disqualified in Tanzania where Belgian Patrick Emanspool won the opening round of the series in last month.

DATE: 26.3.06
TIME: 1.40 PM
Former National Champion Lee Rose has dropped to fourth after his Mitsubishi encountered problems at the start of SS15 on Day Two of the KCB 54th Safari Rally. Rose who scored some fast times on a couple of sections in the Second Leg had come in third on CS 13 and 14. The Triton sponsored driver however fell back to trail overnight leader Azar Anwar, Baldev Chager and Carl Tundo.A finish for Rose (even in fourth) will be an improvement from last year when he crashed out of the KCB Safari Rally.

Tanzanian drivers in the KCB 54th Safari Rally continued to fall by the wayside as Omar Bakhresa became the third driver from the neighbouring country to bid goodbye to the competition with four stages to go.
Bakhresa's Subaru got a puncture at the end of Section 13 and it was too much for him to bear. He ruled himself out saying "i do not want to risk further damage to my Car". His departure left Navraj Hans as the only surviving Tanzanian in the comeptition. Other Tanzanians who have gone out of the event include Humel Ahmed and Saleh Balhabou. Both blew the engines of their Subaru Imprezas while heading to the Service Park.

DATE 26.3.06
TIME 9.15
Tanzanian Ahmed Huwel in car number 19 (Subaru Impreza) has become the first casualty on Day Two of the KCB 54th Safari Rally. He blew the engine of his Subaru Impreza N10 on the way to the service Park after the start of the second and final leg of the competition.
Meanwhile Zimbabwean Richard Robinson in a Mitsubishi Evo 6 remains the highest placed foreigner in position five as the hunt in the final leg began on Sunday morning. He is co-driven by Collin Shriber.

DATE: 25.3.06
National Champion Azar Anwar clinched a grueling run on the first leg of Day One.
Anwar (Kenya) in a Mitsubishi led the rest of the competitors into the last section of the rally in a time of 2:24. 0 sec. He was closely followed by Baldev Chager (Kenya) in a Subaru Impreza who put up an impressive show in a time of 2:28.24 sec. By press time, the rally had claimed several top notch casualties including reigning African rally champion Muna Singh(engine failure) of Zambia, Uganda's Riyaz Kurji (rolled) and Sammy Aslam (gearbox failure) among others. While Kurji crashed out of the rally three kilometres into the opening stage of Day One, Singh's misfortunes were as a result of mechanical problems on his Subaru Impreza. Kurji escaped unhurt in the accident but his co-driver Sayed Kadri treated at the Service Park and declared fit.
Singh's Safari misfortunes increased his poor run in the ARC having also failed to finish in the season opener in Tanzania in January. The local challenge for the Safari was well augemented with Lee Rose in a Mitsubishi emerging fourth overall at the end of the first leg. Apart from KCB, the Safari rally which marks the second round of the ARC and the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) is co-sponsored by Keringet, Security Group, Triton Petroleum and iway Africa. Another driver who brought back his machine to the end of this demanding and energy sapping leg was Carl Tundo who placed eighth in a time of 2:37.09 into this section.

The top results at the end of Leg 1 (provisional)
Pos Driver Country Car (Time)
1 Azar Anwar/George Mwangi Kenya Mitsubishi Lancer (2:24.24 )
2 Baldev Chager/Farouq Yusuf Kenya Subaru Impreza (2: 28:28 )
3 Lee Rose/Piers Daykins Kenya Mitsubishi Lancer (2:34.56)
4 Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop Kenya Subaru Impreza (2:37.09 )
5 Jamie Whyte/Phil Archneoul Zimbabwe Mitsubishi (2:39.02)
6 Richard Robinson/Colin Schreiber Zimbabwe Mitsubishi.(2:39.39)
7 Asad Anwar/Nicholas Patel
Kenya Mitsubishi Lancer (2::40:30)
8 Alastair Cavenagh/Des Page-Morris Kenya Subaru Impreza(2:43:34)
9 Emmanuel Katto/Businge Rwabogo Uganda Subaru (2:45:00 )
10 Patrick Emontspool/Alain Robert
Subaru ( 2:46:27 )
11 Panos Calavrias/Moses Matovu TZ/EAU Subaru Impreza (2:47:19 )
12 Paul Monge/Ray Thornicraft Zambia Subaru Impreaz (2:48:06)
13 Omar Bakressa/Massim Kenya Subaru (2:48:35 )
14 Navraj Hans / Frank Gitau Tanzania Mitsubishi (2:56:32 )
Only 14 cars had arrived in Nairobi at 19.00 hrs.

DATE: 25.3.06

Zambia'as Muna Singh has kissed goodbye to the KCB 54th Safari Rally going out in Section 7 after his car developed mechanical problems.
The departure of Singh, co driven by David Sihoka dented his chances of improving his African Rally Championship status. This is the second time he is failing to score points in the African Rally Championship (ARC). Another ARC contender Riyaz Kurji crashed out of the rally in the morning after he hit a tree in section 2.
Both drivers failed to finish the Safari last year going out in the initial stages of the competition.
Singh had earlier complained of the slippery conditions of the roads which he said was challenging. Also reported to have been knocked out of the Safari is Sammy Aslam whose Subaru Impreza developed gear box problems into the second last section. Aslam had complained of bad rear wheel bearing in CS5. In this section, Lee Rose continued to suffer from an engine misfire.

DATE: 25.3.06
TIME: 1.45 PM
Last year's KCB Safari Rally third finisher Azar Anwar upped his tempo on section 4 (Gilgil) when he led the rest of the competitors into the section as the 54th edition of the rally continued to gain momentum.
Anwar pushed his Mitsubishi into the section first in a time of 51:12 minutes but it was Baldev Chager who again showed tremendous improvement when he came a close second to Azar-seperated with a mere 3 second from the leader. His time into the section was 51:15 sec.
Up to this section, the local challenge was well showing with Lee Rose in third (52:01 sec) while Ugandan veteran Emmanuel Katto was placed 4th overall with 52: 27 sec.
Other local drivers who were in hot pursuit at this stage were Sammy Aslam (5th) with 52:40 sec and Jamie Whyte of Zimbabwe who was in sixth in a time of 53:45 sec.

DATE: 25.3.06
TIME: 1.30PM
Richard Robinson of Zimbabwe in car Number 12 checked into CS 3 in the leader's position with a time of 35 minutes, 31 seconds followed closely by by Baldev Chager (Subaru) with a total time of 36:18 sec.
This section had a couple of leading contenders in hot pursuit after Riyaz Kurji crashed out of the rally in section two after an accident. Some of the leading contenders who were in the chase in this section were Azar Anwar (Mitsubishi) coming third in a time of 36:22 sec closely followed by lee Rose-36:38 sec and Tanzanian Omar Bakhresha in fifth (36:39 sec).
Leading African Rally Championship contender Muna Sing of Zambia was placed sixth overall at this section with Sammy Aslam in hot pursuit in a time of 36:49 sec.

DATE: 25.3.06
TIME: 1.25 PM
All cars that did not complete section Two-Kinungi East to Kirima-have been allocated a penalty of 24 minutes according to a Stward's decision. The decision was taken following an accident in the section by Riyaz Kurji.
Earlier the section results had been cancelled due to the delays experienced in the section after Kurji hit a tree.
A steward's meeting indicated that those cars which had completed section Two would retain their Time penalties as per their time cards.

DATE: 25.3.06
TIME: 8.45AM
Ugandan Riyaz Kurji and his co driver Sayed Kadri have crashed 3km into stage Two sustaining slight injuries. Kurji is reported to have sustained an injury on his tongue while Kadri has had his chest injured after their Subaru Impreza crashed into the stage.
Organisers have said the stage has been delayed following the accident.

DATE: 24.3.06
TIME: 6.05 Pm

Ugandan Riyaz Kurji and Jaswinder Chana of Kenya emerged joint fastest at the spectator stage at Uhuru Park as the competitors await the start of the rally proper tomorrow.
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